What Are TIA and Heat Stroke?

Acupuncture is the most popular treatment modality for stroke patients in China, used effectively on 85% of the stroke patients there. The recently acceptance of acupuncture by western medical practitioners allows one more effective method in curing diseases especially stroke. Study shows that acupuncture helps to facilitate nerve regeneration, decrease blood viscosity, as well as helping surviving nerve cells find new pathways, effectively bypassing damaged parts of the brain resulting in decreased risk of stroke.

Heat stroke also known as sun stroke, is a condition whereby body system of cooling itself stops working and body’s core temperature rises above dangerous levels. It is worst kind of illness caused by heat more dangerous than heat exhaustion and hyperthermia. When the cooling system of body is affected there is possibility of damage to brain due to increase in body temperature which further damages the part of body controlled by the affected part of brain.

Some treatments are less invasive and make use of a catheter that goes in through a main artery in the leg or arm. The catheter is taken to the aneurysm or AVM where it places a device, just like a coils, to reduce dislocation.

At that point Mary told me that she was going to test her balance by walking across the kitchen without her cane. I nervously asked her to please stay near something secure and to be careful. We were on the phone. Mary was happy to tell me that she had gone from a 7 to a 3 in poor balance, short strides, and lack of confidence in her walk. We tapped a few more rounds and she was at 0 on those issues. She felt perfectly comfortable as she walked across the kitchen

LPA-Intron 25 gene can predict your risk of Coronary Heart Disease (CD), the KIF6 Genotype Test can determine your response to statin drugs, and the CYP2C19 Genotype Test can determine how well you metabolize anti clotting agents. Rapid metabolizers are at increased risk of bleeding and can have a hemorrhagic stroke from bleeding into the brain. Poor metabolizers may not benefit from certain anti clotting agents. Genetic testing can unlock the answers to what works best for you.

To really develop a strong dolphin kick, start your kick by engaging your abdominals. Push your chest downward and feel your hips rise. As this wave-like motion of muscle movement ripples down to your legs and through your feet, your upper body will rise back up and begin the undulation all over again. Focus on making the movement as wave-like as possible, as opposed to a see-saw type of motion. Having a strong core, one that's built in the water as well as by weight-bearing dry land exercises, is key to mastering this stroke's unique pattern.

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